Thursday, August 8, 2013

Life is Full Of Disappointment

Well you may come from a cool family where you go to school and have all this rich man's son and play catch every 10am and throw away your Mc Donalds cause you are still full and have burgers all the time you get phobia of eating. You will throw away your water cause you don't like drinking water it's a waste of time. When you grow up a little when your father's gonna buy you a car, you hate life. Cause he bought another car for you. You hate him cause the car that you want is not the present he gave you. You curse every other person you know because you thought their life is so much better than yours. You hate the world cause it is not fair to you. Only you , this "bad" things happens.
Everyone is fine but you, you hope you are being born in the skies, so you can have everything you want.You don't listen to everyones advise because they are not you. How would they know how you feel? You have your worse life.
If you have finish cursing and hating everything, why don't take a little of your bad time of bad luck day for something i have to say. Since you are so screwed over, this 10mins would add any good or bad. So why not give it a shot.


Someone in the rural area of Indonesia, where they have no father. Drink dirt water, eat potato or anything that they can catch. Rat? Dog? Cat? How cool are your Mc Donalds?

Someone that have nothing in life and can't even hope. Even when they grow up, they don't even hope to get anything close to what you have already in your room. Don't even mention a laptop.

Someone who is an orphan, no family at all because they all died in an accident. I think he don't even want to live anymore.


Would they have the same thinking as you have? Hate this world, curse everyone? Can they? Will they?
Sometimes i doubt of our existence with them, how equal or fair can this world be? Is there any fairness? is there any equality? Or it's all bullshit from the beginning. Why must the babies of Africa died of hunger? Why can't they have what we have here. A simple meal everyday. And we throw food here.


Why should we even think? Why not kill yourself and end all this.

Then your parents will kill themselves, cause they brought you up and you just kill yourself because one random girl don't like you? Or your history's homework is 5 pages?


I guess is that most people are all lazy to even think. That is why they are controlled by their emotion.
Emotion is the true evil or bad or whatever you want to label it. If you don't think, they will control.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life is Funny > After a Year

Well, when we started off being bz with all the work and commitments time flies like no one's business. Suddenly you left your blog for a rest and 1 year has gone. 1 year of total blindness of what have happen and would need you to look at the photos to remind yourself what actually happened last Christmas.  

Life is funny in such a way that things happens to you when you are not prepared for it, things or shits always comes when you are super down with stuffs. For example, when your budget this month are tight. This is the time your car broke down and need a 1k dollar repair or suddenly you need a pair of running shoes cause you need to lose weight and jogging is the only option , your ipad screen broke, your mum's birthday. and all the stuff that could lead to ultimate poverty to you. Until my friend have to use the term " EAT GRASS" because he bought the Metallica's concert tickets and have no money to survive, (but he'll survive) no worries.

This is the time your GF is courted by her boss, how fuckup can things go? Well they say if you done lots of good thing in life and you will be re payed by good things but, as the book "Why bad things happens to good people" stated that , you are given such situations because you are chosen to lead or overcome something more fuckup in future and this is just a small lesson to get you through. I'm like , WTF?? I'm good then i have to go and get this bad egg? come on man, so what the bad guys get? good things? After reading that book make me realize that whatever the fuck you do in this life or whatever have no counter backs. I mean if you do good, you'll get good. Shit will happens, and that's the funny story about it.

My 1 year have passed, things happens and i learn from all of it. My lesson is accept and learn from all the shits that happen and try not to repeat them. Cause if you repeat them then you might not get it and overcome it or you are just fuckin stupid. If you don't do anything today to improve whatever you are doing, make desicions. then my friend you'll be the same old you 5 years from now. Being the same , staying the same. Some actually like being the same all the time, and wish they die being the same like some scooby do cartoons.

 The Same, it's Lame.

So friend, Make a Change to the man in the mirror..

Friday, July 27, 2012

Losing it All....

Are you the man of your words?

Do you cared about what other people say about you?

Are you doing the things in life that you wanted for yourself?

I’m a Chinese man from a Chinese cultured family, so as my dad, so as my grandfather, so as my mum, so as her parents and families. Chinese are full with customs, don’t cut your nails at night or don’t point at the moon…superstitions…bunch of them. I guess other cultures too…
But in this modern world, human tend to go back and search for their true selves. Meaning to say that everyone now wanted to do what they wanted even it is against their culture or families’ best practices. For example me, I’m from a family that everyone needs to work hard and long to earn money so you can have a car , a house and a family of your own to be successful in the bigger family and consider accepted. It makes sense for me when I’m still in the small world of my own, but it gets funny when I grew older and made discoveries over time. You don’t have to do that, that is just a trend that the industrial ages made up to protect the rich being richer and the middle class to continue produce middle working class people for them to work. My dad is a middleclass working class guy, a pure one. He works and spend, but I can see that he wanted to get out of the circle in that rat race but failed a few times and I think that he put up the white flag, to me it is because he did not invest his time to study well in how to do business and just invest in money and hope everything to turn out right, that is the reason why every 90% of new companies closed down after 3 years.
Back to the culture story, here I am achieving everything I could. 2 cars, a house, a family, so now? Now what? Can I go do what I want to do?(sit down and play guitar everyday?) No..i can’t I’m so into the culture stuff that even that I knew but it seems that I wanted to be….to have all that to feel better. Can I just lose it all, travel to Tibet and be a monk? Can you lose everything you have now?
Will you?

Can you give up everything when you are half way through?

What will happen if you really do it? Will you live another life? DO you have courage to make this change? If you can’t change from listening to pop songs to heavy metal, how can you change your life? Can you stop smoking overnight?

Shit happens.>…But if you know how to control the shit….they might happen differently and you are prepared…Prepared to accept the Shits………
Shits can be cruel…shit can be hot or cold…. They can fuckup your life any way they want and if you let them let loose….You’re in a lot of trouble…

So now what? 
Give peace a chance? 
John Lennon? 
Yoko Ono? 
Or plain Paul? 
Money or life? 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Definite Chief Aim

I heard this in Napoleon hill's Book, The Law Of Success.
He said that if we have a goal, we will be better in achieving it rather then to float around the world aimlessly. It's such a waste of time and yet time is not much for a person to live.

My Boss , once told me a way to set goals in life. She said, when you turn 70 and died. In your funeral you would have your spouse and friend or relatives talked about you, talking about your personality and the way of life you have been going through. So the question is....

What would you want them to say?

You might say, i'm already dead. How am i suppose to tell them? Yes we can control what would be coming out from their minds that day, when the day comes of course. For example....

If you want your wife/husband to speak of you as a loving husband/wife and a friendly and kind person. Well.... you need to be that person starting today. All of that , that you want them to say on that day, will be your goals in life.
Just like "Tuesday with Morrie" taught us. "When we are dying , we learn how to live." So imagine that day, what you want them to say, then make that your definite chief aims starting today... Not tomorrow... Today..

(Now or Never)

There's too many things to explore and see in this life... You would not want to wander all and get nothing in the end. You would want to know what you want in life and make it your aim, then achieve it. When you achieve it, you would most satisfy and die a happy man..for money is not the most important thing in life and yet the importancy is only a limit from our onw minds. Our minds which sets the limits of the sky and the world.

So know what you want.

Get a plan to achieve it.

Consistently moving towards it

Achieve it.

(easy like 1 2 3 ?)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cybernetic Gorilla Vs Old Age

Heard of the death of my friend’s grandfather, RIP age 100+.

I always visit my wife’s grandmother aged 100+, when I looked at her, paying attention to her movements and the way she looked at people. It seems that she have gone back into childhood. Way back from childhood, like a baby. When the time that we can’t survive on our own. That we need to depend on people for our existence.  She can’t walk on her own, she can’t see properly, her memory system is full thus she can’t remember or recall anything. Just like an old PC, hard disk are taking a long time to read and store and memory is always full.

I reflect it to myself, how a strong and healthy man like me can 1 day be old and will need to depend on people to survive. Now I can live all by myself, I can survive and with no one’s help I can live through only to find myself alone and wanting a partner. But still I can survive. But a baby can’t survive on it’s own, the baby need someone to take care to survive, if not he’ll die.

What if you are old, and found out that you can’t walk on your own?

Can’t  see what is in front of you, permanently?

Can’t remember what you did 2 minutes ago?

Can’t hug your loved ones?

Can’t go to the toilet by yourself?

Can’t eat by yourself?

Just waiting for life’s end while others continue on in the world that once you have journey too.

Are you afraid?

Are you afraid to get old?

Everyone will get old, so there’s no way to avoid getting old unless you did the rockstar thing. Kill yourself before you get old. SO what do you think we should do?

Appreciate Life and Enjoy it because you will get old.

Is 60 consider old? Or 80? Or 90? 100?

You retired at 55, so you got about a few years left before you can go skating youself. SO use your time wisely. Don’t  sleep so much, come out and enjoy the world, stop sitting in front of a book face website and forget about life. Get angry, get happy, get sad, get weird, get wicked , feel everything…

Before you can’t feel anything….

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Acceptance is crucial in life

Whatever fuck you come across with, there’s nothing that you’ll have no solution, they say. But still in their very own lifes they still come to a crossroad, thinking of which path to take. You can either stay in that crossroad and wait as long as you can, nobody is going to fuckin tell you what to do,(sorry with the harsh words today, I’m in a boiling mood.) You can wait in that crossroad and die there and still no one is going to give a fuck.Or you can take right turn and go the path, or you can take advise from people you fuckin don’t know and make that left. The best thing in that is you will still end up in another crossroad. Then another then another…just like the Gods is playing fuckin tricks on you, like you are playing tricks on your hamster. Seeking for fuckin approval.

Yep… everybody came across that and yep.. life’s a series of events that will result on how you make decisions in every of those motherfuckers. Life is hard, it’s difficult it’s a hard blow on your nuts but HEY!....It’s life..that’s what everybody says. For me, I came across another formula X to get me through this rough times, it will happen all the time. Fuck time will happen and you are got to believe me. SO why listen or take fuckin advise from fuckin people that don’t know about your llife and still have fuckin problems with their own fuckin life?

Formula X = Accept. Accept every fuckin thing that is happening. That’s the first step for you to keep yourself …to be yourself. If you go’re not yourself anymore. You don’t think right, you don’t care about yourself…you will only care about your emotions. Emotions will lead you to disaster.Accept every facts that happen, take a cold decision. That’s the fast and crucial way if you want to get on with your life. What have happen is gone, no point crying over spilled milk. It’s fuckin stupid. Accept and take decision and move forward.

Accept and take decision.

Stay Strong.

Things happen to you to make you realize your true potential, strength, will power, and heart. Have faith and stay strong!

I dedicate this to all of my friends that are having hard times with life right now….metal on..\m/..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Right Thing to do is not Always the Correct thing to do!!

When you’re a little boy, you are taught to do the right thing. To make the RIGHT judgment of things, What is not right is justify as a bad thing and avoid doing it. Things that have morale and things that doesn’t harm another are to be accepted as the RIGHT thing. The good person is the one doing all the RIGHT things. The bad people are the one doing all the WRONG things. Very very simple, easy to understand and by nature it is perfect. But as I grew up and turning to be an adult.

How do you define RIGHT and what is WRONG?

Something that consider right to you may be wrong to another. People bombing the twin tower consider as bad, but in another angle of view point they are actually protecting something, protecting their pride? To me Purple may be my favorite color but to you? You may think purple is gay. Can you make a stand to state something to everyone if you think what you think is RIGHT? YES!! Only you thought, it’s only based on your point of view, true or not it’s just an opinion  and if that opinion is accepted by the group than it is consider the RIGHT thing.

In the corporate world I am living in right now, you can’t do the RIGHT things every time. If It is not correct, you may silent or pass if something you think is wrong and you may want to correct it. Because correcting something without knowing the consequences may lead to the ultimate disaster. You may be outcasted from the group, or be condemn.  Just think for a while, if you are lost in a jungle and found a small village of jungle people. They bring you in and they all are eating raw fish and hate eating cooked fish, you suddenly jumped out and tell them that they are eating the fish the wrong way and you introduce your cooking method to them, will they listen to you? I mean it is the right way to eat a fish, correct? But to them? You are consider saved by them and they accepted you in their village and now you are trying to tell them that they are fools and their way of eating are wrong? It is like spitting them in the face, it is their culture. Their believe maybe that fish are brought to them by the gods and wishes them to eat it raw, but you insulted them. You insulted their gods. You insulted their believe.

In the modern world, this situation exist. We thought that we are civilized, we thought we are on the top of the world. But we are not, we are still what we are 1 thousand years ago. We do all this to protect ourselves, We label the RIGHT thing that we consider RIGHT, we label the WRONG thing that we consider WRONG, WE . Where is the ultimate truth?

Who can ultimately judge what is right and what is wrong? 

Do we blame it to GOD?

I learn that we may only need to speak up when we are needed to, we do not need to tell someone he/she is right or wrong all the time, sometimes it is best to let them be. It will be better that way, for both parties, for everyone. If everyone in the world may hold this, there will be no war or arguments, There will be peace. But the truth is always NO. Human are born with a greed, which is the human’s ultimate weakness, even Lord Of The Ring stated Human’s weakness is Greed. The one that may overcome greed will always be happy and lead a better life and a humble one.

To survive, we need to learn when to use the so called RIGHT thing and stand for it. When it is important to use it and when it is not.